A simple email marketing solution that is easy to use.

SmartMail Pro is designed to keep things simple and convenient so you can create complex campaigns with ease and efficiency.

Create personalised, tailored and highly relevant email content

Smart Mail Pro makes it super easy to strengthen relationships with your audience. Define your customised content dynamically based on behaviour or data and hit send. Automate tasks like welcomes, birthday messages and notifications so you know you’re sending out the right messaging at the right time. Use the built in real time reporting to break down your data to ensure you get the best response and ROI possible.


SmartMail Pro Features

World leading features, performance, ease of use, security and capacity. SmartMail Pro is web-based software that sits on the most capable and robust back end platform yet. Capable of powering the largest global email campaigns, SmartMail Pro also scales easily for smaller self-service teams and full service clients alike.

Smart Marketing Automation

Marketing designed by you to ensure an enriching customer experience

Personalised & Dynamic Content

Start meaningful and relevant conversations with your audience

Powerful Segmentation

Create personalised and highly relevant email messages

On Demand Reporting & Analysis

Use real time reporting to maximise your budget and increase ROI

Database Management

Manage your database the way you like

Form Builder

Create customised surveys, forms and polls with a variety of answer types

Pricing that works for your business or pricing that promotes business growth

Forget standard pricing models that put a cap on how many emails you can send to your contacts. SmartMail Pro will grow with you.

Starting from just


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Smart marketing automation

Save time by creating automated triggers and intuitive workflows customised for your audience to deliver effortless customer experiences and expertly targeted campaigns. Plus you will be able to see exactly which campaigns are converting with real time data so you can plan accurately for next time.