Marketing Strategy

Modern marketing relies heavily on data and technology. Our expertise helps makes sense of marketing automation, digital media platforms and analytics tools. We help marketers understand how to make effective use of these technologies to deliver on marketing objectives. Our team of technologists partner with IT teams to deliver and operate the end to end solution.

Account Management

Your dedicated Account Manager will work with your business to establish strategies and deliver your digital marketing goals. We can help you improve your e-marketing design, acquisition campaigns, customer engagement, seasonal promotions, reactivation campaigns, integrated email, social media and mobile campaigns, and goal setting and reviews.

Triggered Programmes

We are experts in designing and optimising triggered communication programmes. Instead of sending mass “one-size-fits-all emails”, SmartMail Pro allows you to focus on your audience, their needs and behavior. Using a specific trigger or event, SmartMail Pro will automatically send out personalised messages such as lifecycle, abandoned cart, welcome, nurturing and milestone emails.


Getting the most from your digital marketing can often require integration with existing systems. We have integrated SmartMail Pro with CRM systems such as Salesforce, existing internal and custom data management applications. This means that you can enjoy all of the power of SmartMail Pro without having to change the way you work with your data.

Text Messages

Often time-critical messages and interactions are most suited to SMS or text messaging. Appointment reminders, time sensitive offers and mobile relevant messages can all benefit from this channel. We provide various services to guide the delivery of your message but also enrich interactions via automated connection to databases and other marketing campaigns.